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8月 10th, 2009

「ショロトルは仲間の神々が死ぬのを悲しんで泣いたあまり両目が流れ出してしまった」という記述の出所は『メキシコの神話伝説』だろうかという話をしましたが、『The Myths of Mexico and Peru』以外の参考文献は確認できていないので、リストの中にあったいずれかの本にそういうのがあったかもしれない、『The Myths of Mexico and Peru』にはショロトルの紹介のみで神話のエピソードはなかったし……などと後から気になってきたので、書き添えておきます。
あの本には参考にしたテキストにない描写を追加する傾向があるということは、『The Myths of Mexico and Peru』との比較だけでも十分判るし……ウチのギャラリーの『巫術師の悪計』に添えた引用文もそうです、話自体は『The Myths of Mexico and Peru』の『Tezcatlipoca and the Toltecs』に拠っているんですが、あの台詞は元テキストにはありませんでした(Tezcatlipoca and Tlacahuepan on another occasion repaired to the market-place of Tollan, the former displaying upon the palm of his hand a small infant whom he caused to dance and to cut the most amusing capers. This infant was in reality Huitzilopochtli, the Nahua god of war. At this sight the Toltecs crowded upon one another for the purpose of getting a better view, and their eagerness resulted in many being crushed to death. So enraged were the Toltecs at this that upon the advice of Tlacahuepan they slew both Tezcatlipoca and Huitzilopochtli. When this had been done the bodies of the slain gods gave forth such a pernicious effluvia that thousands the Toltecs died of the pestilence. The god Tlacahuepan then advised them to cast out the bodies lest worse befell them, but on their attempting to do so they discovered their weight to be so great that they could not move them. Hundreds wound cords round the corpses, but the strands broke, and those who pulled upon them fell and died suddenly, tumbling one upon the other, and suffocating those upon whom they collapsed)

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